How much do I pay per month?

Whycompare has monthly packages ranging from Bronze - $20 - Basic ( Presently Free)

Silver - $50 Account Managed Consumer offer, managed via phone, Face to Face, Skype + Escalation feature

Gold - $80 Account managed Business offer, managed via phone, Face to Face, Skype + Escalation feature

Legacy - $100 - Additional My Budget access

I'm strapped for cash, Is there anyway to have my account managed and avoid paying the fee packages?

Definitely! Have your plan upgraded by inviting 3 friends via social media to join the site, Once they have signed up we'll upgrade you from Bronze to Silver.

If you Invite another 3 friends that sign up, once again we'll upgrade you to our Legacy pack!

Does this mean I will be taking up my plan through you?

No, Once you've compared and are ready to connect simply nominate how you would like to take up the plan, offer or device

  • Sign up online - Redirected to providers website to sign up online
  • Call back - Fill in your best contact details along with when you're free and we'll pass on the details
  • Go In Store - We'll redirect you to the providers website to track down the nearest store

Will my account manager be in Australia?

Yes, We know how important it is to be able to speak with an Aussie so we hire Aussies to champion you through your purchasing experience.

What will my account manager do exactly?

Your account manager will review your needs and shortlist, providing insight and guidance to ensure you're comfortable with your decision before you connect. He / She will also review the last 3 months of your bills online to ensure the way you & your family have been using your service won't bring any nasty bill shock. If you have escalated an issue with your provider, and your SLA time has surpassed you'll be contacted by an account manager to help resolve the issue on your behalf and connect you with the right person to action those results.