About Whycompare

Nothing is more frustrating than deciphering what telco providers have on offer to meet your needs.

We help avoid the stress of being locked into a plan that just doesn't work for you!

Our product has been developed to save you time through simplifying how you compare. We ask you a number of questions around how you're intending on using your service, filtering your needs against the best the market has to offer.

Check out the what your friends and family have had to say about their experience when it comes to plans & devices, and once you've connected with your preferred provider do the same by rating & sharing your own experience.

The scales of lady justice represent how our users feel about a plan or device, swaying back and forth from your feedback.

Connecting with your provider is made easy as you can sign up online, nominate preferred time for the provider to call you back or head in store to upgrade.

Your plan details will be saved to the MyServices page which acts as a wallet to store information on all the services you have taken up as well your rating. If you're ever going to change the way you are using your services or want to get a new plan, you'll be able to compare plan details on what you have against what you're intending on taking up.

Manage your Budget

My Budget has been designed for families and business to help provide better visibility around your expenses. We've enabled you to invite members to join a group, see who's on what plan, how much their spending and what your overall expenses will be looking like over the next 12 months.

Escalate your Issue

Sitting on hold, being handballed from department to department to resolve what seems to be a simple issue is stress we can all live without.

Escalating your issue through whycompare means we identify the issue you're experiencing with your service and connect you with the right department to take ownership and resolve your issue. Each provider has committed to SLA (Service Level Agreement) times in which they will have the issue resolved. Once you have raised your escalation online and nominated the preferred time to be contacted back you'll be sent a notification with the resolution time frame.

Once your SLA time has expired, we'll send you through an notification with a link to your Escalate item so you can let us know;

  • Has your problem been resolved?
  • How you feel about your experience?

If in the event your issue has not been resolved, a whycompare account manager will be in contact with you to identify what's taken place and connect you with the case manager to resolve.

This feature will give providers a new way to manage their existing traffic, see how consumers feel about their brand and be proactive in managing solutions.